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Loving Yourself

  • Insight

    Change begins with self-awareness.  Who are you…what are your values, beliefs, talents, dreams?

  • Be You


    You are unique…there is only one you in the world. Life becomes simpler when you accept and appreciate your authentic self.

  • healthy-tummy


    Healthy bodies support healthy minds…taking care of yourself not only readies your mind for change, it serves as a reminder that you love yourself.

  • Tight Rope


    Welcoming change means challenging yourself and taking risks…trust yourself and believe that good things lie ahead.

  • be free

    Be Free

    Life is simpler than we allow it to be. When we let go of what we can’t control and accept things exactly as they are…we can truly be free to enjoy each moment.


  • Mood Mapping

    Mood Mapping

    Mood Mapping: The Search for an Emotional Compass

  • Strengths

    Character Strengths and Virtues

    Character Strengths and Virtues: From Aristotle to Andy Griffith

  • Mandala Therapy

    The Healing Power of Mandalas

    The Healing Power of Mandalas: Finding Meaning from Trauma

  • Emotional Vocabulary Worksheet

    Emotional Vocabulary Worksheet

  • Character Strengths Categories

    Classification of Strengths

  • Mandala Therapy Research

    Mandala Therapy Research


Learn More About Mandalas

Quick reference guide on the history of mandalas.

Mandala Research

Check out this poster to learn more about the history of mandalas, how they were first used in therapy, and what the research tells us.


My Circle Art

A collection of my first mandalas.

Mandala Gallery

A video collection of my earliest mandalas played along with my favorite music.

Mandala Therapy

A mandala activity with reflection questions.

Mandala Exercise

Here is a simple project to use in your next session or group...or for your own reflection.