Teresa PrendesTHERAPIST

Counseling Style

My approach to counseling is very interactive and individualized. I appreciate the creative arts and often use art, music, and writing as tools for developing insight and healing.  Together we will explore the patterns in your life that are keeping you stuck, figure out how these patterns have benefited you, and then find healthier ways to achieve what you need.

I also think it’s important to focus on communication. We feel such diverse, and complex emotions, yet rely on the same limited number of words to express those feelings. I have found it extremely helpful to be able to identify, understand, and accurately communicate what you are feeling. I use a variety of creative counseling techniques to help develop that emotional vocabulary.

Professional Focus

I’ve always been drawn toward the culture and experience of higher education: particularly the challenges and transformations that occur as students learn to manage classes, jobs, relationships, not to mention self-expectations and ever-evolving dreams. I’ve played the part of coach, professor, adviser and therapist at several universities.  Currently, I work at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where I provide individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, and outreach.

Private Practice

Opening up my own practice has been part of my life vision for a long time.  I imagined what it would be like and waited patiently for the opportunity to arrive.  I’m excited to say that day finally arrived this Spring!  My new office is located on Music Row in Nashville.  It’s just as exciting as I hoped it would be.  I currently work part-time seeing clients on Tuesdays, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Check out the location page for more information or call me if you are interested in an appointment.